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For over 20 years I led the pack discovering  the latest and greatest technology. Then I discovered the concept of “deep work” and I did the impossible: I started to “unplug.” It isn’t a sin to "unplug", and trust me, you will survive without the dings and pings of your mobile phone, but your BUSINESS WILL FAIL  if you do not learn how to make Digital Social Media Marketing work for you.

For survival in the digital age, I believe you must have a customer-centric perspective in your business. Every member of your team must be a part of the marketing process so that you can offer your customers a seamless, exceptional experience. I am not a young digital native, but I was email marketing back when AOL was new (and cool.) Today you need a blend of creative chops and digital-savvy. So take a step into uncomfortable. I know that digital marketing can be hard, but this is the single best time in history to showcase your expertise and passion and have it reward you with loyal customers.

WHERE TO START: Mapping your customer’s journey is the easiest way for everyone (and I mean the whole team) to get on board with creating content that will attract just the right customer to your business. At last count, the United States had over 325.7 million people*. You do not need every single one of those people to be a successful business, but you do need the right kind of customers to really grow and make an impact. 

So learn who those customers are today, not the customers of ten years ago or even 18-months ago. Figure out your one true expertise, make a strategy for marketing it, and then get everyone on board, trained, customer-focused, and contributing to your digital marketing strategy. 

I can teach you how to do that. In 90-days you will not even recognize yourself, your team, and the recognition of your expertise through leads and engagement. In another 90-days you will be a whole new person, a more vibrant and relevant company, and a stronger, more profitable business. It is affordable and absolutely doable for any business, but more importantly, it is critical if you are to survive in the 21st Century Digital Economy.

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It is critical to "unplug" and focus on our deepest most important work.  Mine is the Customer Journey.  

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