Digital Marketing Coaching

Weekly Coaching Meetings

I will meet with you weekly to:

  • Discuss your growth goals
  • Review topics to teach you about online marketing.
  • Outline your Buyer's Journey
  • Create critical content strategies
  • All sessions recorded and contained in your your library

Monthly Digital Coaching Agenda

Monthly Strategy Agenda:

  • Use monthly digital marketing agenda based on your business & goals
  • Weekly To Do List on each training topic
  • Resource library available for review and guidance
  • Team interaction, training and review

Digital Marketing Coaching Timeline

Meeting weekly over the course of six months can define and embed the digital Marketing Strategy within your entire company.

  • Planning: Goals, Digital Footprint & Branding, Buyer's Journey, Customer
  • Management: Buyer's Journey for Team & Content, Strategy, SEO
  • Measurement: Analytics, Customer Service, Advocacy & Growth