What Do Clients Have to Say?


Main Street Business Challenges

"After months of training on topics like "Using Canva," "The Perfect Post," and "Hosting Events with Social Media"—my head was spinning. But you know what? Everything she said was true, and she held our hands and got us through the difficult journey of walking into the present. I ended up the year growing sales with a whole range of products coming off my walls—and most importantly with new customers (brand new ones!)"

Early Childhood Center

"Her Social Media Training was often met with resistance since educators are focused on their programs, privacy, and the kids they benefit--not on posting and tweeting! What we all learned was that this kind of "outbound" marketing is so important for educators and their schools because this is where this new, younger generation of parents are looking for information on our programs."

TV Media Company

" Maria Bereket's area of expertise has changed the way I think and work in social media....She has educated me and helped me to better understand and use social media in order to grow my own business and it was effective almost immediately."

Personal Trainer

Working with Maria produced immediate results:

- 40% growth in my LinkedIn network (added over 400+ high quality contacts in a few weeks)
- Helped design and launch "Marginal Gains", a weekly sports & human performance themed newsletter
- Re-worked every aspect of my website resulting in a steady stream of inbound inquiries and the acquisition of new clients.
- Establish a Twitter & Facebook content creation and posting strategy that has bought me a substantial (30%+) increase in followers and likes.

Social Media Launch and Team Training

"From this (training) platform we learned how to create and implement social media posts. Her valuable critiques of our posts made for more successful marketing.  As our skills increased, additional training was very helpful with regard to using more advanced apps." 

Early Childhood Centers

"Maria worked with every director and teacher to show them not only how to post, but more importantly, what to post that represented our thought leadership in the field of early childhood. It is a very exciting time in our schools with these new initiatives to provide parent education and communication in a new way!"