3 Hidden Paths to enrollment

What is your Parent's Enrollment Journey?

From Awareness to Advocacy, Parents want a personalized & consistent experience when searching for and enrolling their children in a school.  90% of the process is online.

This video is a live recorded overview training that will show you:

  • How to better understand your parents (who are your customers)
  • How to clearly identify opportunities for improvement 
  • How to align your priorities & approach to your mission
  • How to improve the experience & information to attract more families 

The Enrollment Journey Map

Awareness - Discovery

 “By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationships without talking to a human.” (Hubspot)  If parents can’t find you, you don't exist. 

EVERY DAY 2.5 Exabytes of DATA are produced.  That is equivalent to 530,000 millions of songs!  But it is not the volume of data that matters to your parents--it is the relevancy of that content to their needs and values.  Being unique, having a mission, and finding your voice in the digital economy is how you are found.

Research - Comparison

 According to Harvard Business: "Today, consumers are promiscuous in their brand relationships. They connect with a myriad of brands— through new media channels beyond what the business can control or even know about. Those same consumers are evaluating a shifting array of businesses through the information they are providing (content), often expanding the pool of options before narrowing it to a short list they trust.”

Decision - Enrollment

At the exact moment that the paperwork is signed and the deposit check it attached...the child becomes the "user" and the parents are the "customer."  How your school program includes those parents, validates their decision, and offers content that increases their perception of VALUE for their investment--will ultimately determine the experiences that follow.

Experience - Usage

The number one complaint (worldwide) about the our "experiences" consumer have with companies is that they do not provide a streamlined, seamless experience. What goes in the classroom is just as important as the administration paperwork.  From the maintenance department to the head of school...families expect that their experiences will be mission focused and just as critical as the education their child receives.

Advocate or Adversary?

If every school program were to start the year with exact same feeling, emotion, and caring as they do on graduation day--every school would be overflowing with applications.  According to Google, "84% of people today will share content to support causes or issues they care about."  That means that your mission and values, when present in every interaction and touchpoint along the parent's journey, will multiply your referrals through parents who promote you.

Enrollment Journey Team Training

How can a school program make the "experiences" part of the daily roles of their teachers and staff?  Make it a team sport!

Marketing, content creation, parent experiences, and school enrollment are the priority of everyone who contributes to your mission of educating children.  It takes time.  It takes a plan. And if given the proper  training and support, your school will grow beyond your wildest vision.

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