Mapping Your Buyer Journey

mapping your buyers journey

In a Digital Economy, everything is about Your Customer's  Experience:

  • According to Google, 70% of a buyers decision is already made by they time they contact you (by phone, online, or in person.) This is great news IF you have potential buyers contacting you.
  • We dive in with you to identify what your current customers are experiencing, where your potential customers are looking, and how you can adjust your plan and be where they are!

Social Media Content Strategy

social media content strategy

What Do Your Customers Really Want?

  • A marketing strategy is part of a small business owners ability to beat the competition.  Included in that strategy is your Buyers Journey, Your Digital Footprint, and your buyer's Micro Moments. 
  • Your entire marketing plan hinges on the micro moments that potential buyers feel and experience when doing digital searches.  This knowledge is what directs every piece of content your business will produce.

Having A Digital Marketing Coach

get a digital marketing coach

By investing in our digital marketing coach program, you set up your business for long-term success because:

  • The entire program is customized to your team’s needs and your specific business goals and customers needs.
  • Weekly sessions give you the time needed to understand critical digital marketing tools and strategies.
  • Your team creates habits and builds confidence so you can ultimately maintain your own successful program.

Uncover Your Digital Footprint


  How Do Customers Find You?

  • We evaluate your digital footprint, search for your the places your customers go to find you (and your competitors) solutions to their problem and need.      
  • The outcome for you is a clear outline of where you should be (digital channels) and what you should be saying (your content strategy) to attract more of your unique customers.

Team Training: Social Media

Designed for the Busy Business Owner

  • Your employees are your best resource in helping you create the right content to attract and delight customers
  • Training your team also has the added benefit of engaging them in a more creative aspect of their work. 
  • Online training makes scheduling a breeze.
  • Programs meet live online once a week and are recorded for your use and review.

Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership means different things to different small business owners.

  • If you want to leverage your time, boost your marketing returns and attract more qualified leads to your business, you must be a thought leader in your industry...and not just based on on your founding date.  
  • To be seen as an expert in your field is the foundation of trust and advocacy by your customers.  We can show you how to leverage your time and multiply growth with this simple process..