Do you need Social Media Marketing Training?

Take Control of Your Digital Marketing with Monthly Digital Marketing Team Training

  • Digital Social Media Marketing Team training meets weekly so that you can attract your exact customers:
  • The best digital content is created within a business
  • Learn to create content that your buyers need to make decisions
  • Outline your Buyer's Journey experience to identify gaps 
  • Create long-term content strategies 
  • All sessions recorded 
  • Documents:  Weekly Strategy To Do, Buyer's Journey Experience Map, Content Calendar Creation, Team Content Creation Structure, Content Writing Process 
  • 3 to 6 month minimum then Mo to Mo.
  • Monthly Costs $500 to $1000 depending on size and scope. Ask about 1 Month Free.

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Digital Marketing For Schools

What can Digital Marketing do for Schools?

Digital marketing is the single best way for schools to involve communities in their critical mission.

Through digital marketing you can introduce yourself to more people, increase enrollment quickly, and engage families in a way that wasn't possible before.

It takes a new mindset.  A total commitment from everyone in your program to embrace - not technology - but digital marketing tools!

Ask About Our Enrollment Journey Training for Schools

Content Through Documentation for Tours, Website, Parent Engagement

Creating content from the classroom allows every teacher to share their expertise and creativity, creating value and many engagement opportunities for parents.

  • Touring can educate and inspire 
  • Display boards are an opportunity to engage children, teacher, and parents plus turn a tour into a decision to enroll
  • How you document learning, the tools you need, and the process to get teachers engaged and onboard in this critical process