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The Buyer's Journey Makes the Internet Work

According to Google, more than 70% of the buying process is completed prior to a customer connecting with your business--by phone, in person, or online shopping cart. Buyers have a process to get answers via social media, blogs, and websites. That means that if you don't have a plan that outlines where your customers are; where they are gathering their information; which sites they are visiting, clicking, and bookmarking--then how do you know where to put your time and resources? Pilots need flight plans and so does your business.

Did the Internet Fulfill it's Promise to You?

Do you remember the promise of the Internet?  "If you build a website, they will come!"  So, we threw out our Yellow Pages and cancelled our local newspaper advertisements and waited for all the CUSTOMERS to buy, not just the ones in a ten-mile radius.  But how has that worked out all these years later?


The Internet promised more customers but what it really gave you is MORE COMPETITION! 

The 80/20 Rule of Marketing

The Pareto principle (also known as the 80/20 rule) states that, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. We believe that Marketing is the 20% of your business that will produce 80% of your results. Unfortunately, most small businesses will not take the time to evaluate who or what is the 20%. The answer is simple: Marketing is what gets you found, it is the 20%, and it is where the money is!

Our Solutions

We Help You CREATE a Marketing Plan

Our focus is on your buyer and the journey they take to find solutions to their problems...problems that your business solves. Once you know where your buyers are, what types of information they need, and which social media tools they prefer, then your marketing strategy writes itself. (well, almost) Your Marketing Plan is how all the pieces of the Internet come together so that your buyers can find you, trust you, buy from you, and then direct their family and friends back to your business  with glowing reviews & recommendations.

We Help You REACH More People with Content

The world is a busy, noisy place and it isn't going to slow down. You need to cut through the overload of information with clear and consistent problem-solving content that attracts and interests your unique buyer. Good products and services are not enough anymore, and neither is your long history. That is how to keep customers, not find new ones. You need a clear  message that will reach your target audience every day.  We know how to teach you to do that!

We Help You DRIVE More Traffic

We are researchers, storytellers, and map makers.  We can find out where your new customers are searching for information and then map out a strategy for content, social media sites and tools that will not only make you the obvious choice, but the one they want to do business with.  If you understand what your buyers need and can consistently provide the solutions to their problems - where they can find it - then the effort and time you take now will give you that 80% result you have been looking for in the digital marketplace of today.

Our Services

Digital Marketing: Your Buyer's Journey

Strategic Digital Marketing is about a lot more than social media posting.  It is about creating a journey for your customers that is  positive and easily found. Let us review your Digital Footprint  and then create your specific Buyers Journey Map so that you are focused on the total customer experience that your business offers to current and potential customers.

Social Media TEAM Training

In today's marketplace, every single person that works at your business must be customer-centric and marketing savvy. Team Training is about sharing digital knowledge, digital tools, and the customer service experiences that are expected today by consumers.  Its online training, meets once a week, and offers your team total engagement.

Digital Marketing Coaching

What happens when the DIY approach doesn't work? Digital Marketing is just too important to let sit in your inbox.  Work one-on-one every week, combining your business expertise with our digital marketing expertise. Stay on track, flexible schedule, personal focus and direction

Don't Take Our Word For it!

Everyone loves a 5-Star Review and we love sharing:
"Maria skillfully helped us construct an ingenious plan to accomplish our social media goals.  Her orderly approach in getting us to understand our customers through the 'Buyers Journey' was insightful. From this platform we learned how to create and implement social media posts. Her valuable critiques of our posts made for more successful marketing."
M. Morgan, PBM Portfolio.

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