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Marketing Strategy + Implementation | Social Media | Content | Creative | Small Business including Retail, Wellness, Education, Authors, and Writers.

Boost Sales With Social Media

Brand Design & Strategy

Coordinated digital presence across all platforms

Social Media

Consistent, optimized social media management across all your platforms

Audience Analytics

Outline your specific audience so that you can streamline all of your marketing


Optimizing content and all digital for the most exposure through Search Engine Optimization


Writing to entertain, delights, educate and promote you to your audience

Team Training

Online training for staff on content gathering and sharing

Web Development

Depending on your current website we will help you to develop an SEO focused plan

Email Marketing

Reaching out to your audience is our specialty with consistent and relevant email

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Let Our Customers Tell You

Maria and her team at Design Bear Marketing put me back on the map!  From website direction to social media setup and posting, we just could not do this on our own.  As a small shop, we have been forgotten in the digital world and the tools and direction we get each and every month have brought us new customers and a whole new way of selling from our website to our Facebook and Instagram Shops. 

Canada Goose Gallery

Design Bear Marketing has helped my center many times to design our materials and direct our social media. We got our Facebook account up and running, trained the teachers on the content we needed to post. We even started a newsletter and increased parent engagement. Maria and her team were invaluable to us in creating posts and content that resonated with families coming into our area, helping us with enrollment.

Soule Early Childhood Center

We were already a big fan of Maria’s Marketing training courses at the CBD Training Academy! Her team has done an amazing job of growing our social media followers and increasing the engagement of our followers and our local presence. We could tell immediately that our digital presence was stronger when the phones started ringing and people were asking for the services they were promoting.

Palma Sola Wellness

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