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We Understand Small Business

Our team is a combination of old-school marketing and new-school digital know-how. We take the time to know you and your business, your expertise, your customers, and the products and services you sell. 

We are curious and that’s a good thing in a digital economy because the tools we use change, update, and innovate.  Without curiosity, it is easy to do the same old thing out of comfort.  Everything in the digital world is innovating and disrupting and we will figure out what you need for your business.

You Need Strategy + Implementation

Even in the digital world, you have a loyal group of customers who are waiting for you to find them. By spending time to refine your audience, understand their needs, and clarify how your products and expertise will help them–your business will grow locally and beyond.

Some of us remember the Yellow pages and the power of the local customer. Others on the team live and breathe followers and influencers. By combining both we make an unstoppable and powerful marketing team for your growing business and voice.

What Matters

In a digital marketplace, certain things matter to your customer.

Experience Matters

Marketing takes technical know-how but demands experience. Your customers want your knowledge and expertise but if they can’t find you — your experience doesn’t matter.

Design Matters

You cannot take for granted the sophistication of today’s customers. Every design detail matters to them when making a decision to buy online.  From layouts to images, every aspect of your marketing must be well designed.

Consistency Matters

Your customers need to hear from you. Not sometimes or when you have time.  Your posts and content must be relevant and consistent. This means you need to have good, engaging content shared consistently, through all social channels.

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